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Mental Health Topics

Mental Health -- GPS LifePlan

The GPS LifePlan--"Personal Plan" brings together many resources for maintaining well-being.  The Mental health resources on this site includes general information and also specific disorders.  http://www.gpslifeplan.org/pinetech/personal/index.php?link=wellbeing-mental


Depression is a common, real and treatable illness. Access these helpful resources:
-- Depression: What You Need to Know
-- Depression in College
Signs of Depression Checklist
-- Seasonal Affective Disorder
-- Stress and depression during the holidays

Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

-- College Issues for Students with ADHD/ADD
-- Managing Finances, a unique challenge for individuals with ADD or ADHD
-- Organization and time management

Anxiety Disorders

-- Anxiety Disorders
-- Fact Sheets from Mental Health America on anxiety disorders such as Panic, PTSD, Social Phobia and more.
-- Taking the worry out of Anxiety
-- Obsessive compulsive disorder


-- Dealing with divorce -- many topics including making it work for children (from Psychology Today).
-- Other topics on divorce -- managing finances, telling the kids, new relationships, managing your "emotional roller coaster."
--  Healthy divorce:  How to make your split as smooth as possible -- an article from the American Psychology Association.

Grief and Loss

Grief brings on a whole different set of emotions... profound sadness, anger, disbelief, fear, worry about the future, and many more. It is often helpful to talk with others about loss, but everyone grieves differently. If you need to talk about your situation, contact the counselor.

-- Grief and Loss  -- Topics include: Grief and healing, miscarriage, loss of job, loss of a pet, etc.

Relationship Issues

When you register for classes, you don't always know what life has in store for you. You may have an unforeseen breakup with your partner or have important issues that occupy your thoughts instead of your coursework. If you need help with relationship difficulties, talk with the counselor.
-- Making Relationships Work
-- Healing Your Relationships

Parenting and Child Development

Parenting is an awesome responsibility. In a world so demanding of time and resources, how can we give our children what they need to grow and thrive?
-- Minnesota ParentsKnow
-- Parenting topics  from parenting.org  -- Children and social media, helping children cope, discipline, choosing toys, teens, etc.
-- Helping Kids Deal with Bullies
-- Positive Parenting -- KidsHealth website (for parents) offers numerous articles on topics such as kids and alcohol, teen pregnancy, sibling rivalry, TV and kids, learning difficulties and more.