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We recommend updating your bookmarks to the new domain. We'll be phasing out our pinetech.edu domain in the coming months and the information below may not be current.

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Teaching Resources

Plagiarism Resources

Detecting plagiarism is not always easy, but in some cases it is obvious -- especially for instructors who have become familiar with their students' work. For example, an instructor acquainted with a student's writing style and participation in classroom discussion may find something fishy about specialized vocabulary, scholarly language or terms of expression out of character for that student. Tips on detecting plagiarism.

Teaching and Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources including the Course Assessment Matrix, "How to Use the Course Assessment Matrix," Plan for Assessment and Use of Assessment are located in the S: Drive via the Staff Portal.

Also, the Information Literacy Tutorial, a tutorial provided by LRTC staff, is helpful to make the most of all that's available through PTC's LRTC.

Library Purchase Request Form

Nursing/Health Sciences Library Purchase Request Form.  Please note:  completing this form does not guarantee purchase. 

Useful Teaching Links

-- Authentic Assessment Resources from the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
-- Authentic Assessment Toolbox (Jon Mueller, author)
-- Prince George Community College assessment examples
-- Winona State Academic resources
-- Colorado Community Colleges Online Teaching Resources

MnSCU's Center for Teaching and Learning Resources

For those faculty members new to D2L, MnSCU's Center for Teaching and Learning offers these tutorials.

Online Learning Resources

-- http://www.ctl.mnscu.edu/iteach/online/ni_itotor.php
-- http://www.minnesotatransfer.org/educators/resources/e_online.php
-- Case studies from SUNY-Buffalo in Math, Science and Health courses
-- Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)
-- Just-in-Time Teaching (JITT) -- Physics
-- Just-in-Time Teaching (JITT) -- Physics - Sampler 
-- VOD casts
-- Rubrics for Web Lessons (from San Diego State Univ.)

Desire2Learn (D2L) Resources

-- Desire2Learn Community
-- Releasing Final Grades and Adjusted Final Grades to Users in D2L