Student Forms

Student Forms

Welcome to the "one-stop-shop" for all student forms you may need as a PTC student! You may open and print each portable document file (PDF). Instructions for completing the forms are listed on each individual form. Paper copies are available in the Office of Admissions.

Financial Aid Forms

-- Consortium Agreement

All Other Forms

-- A.A. Degree Application (joint program offered in partnership with Lake Superior College)
-- Add/Drop Form
-- Advanced Standing Application
-- Application for Graduation
-- Application for HCT Graduation
-- Change of Personal Information Form
-- Complaint - Grievance Form
-- Concern Form
-- Consent for Image Use
-- Course Repeat Form 
-- Immunization Form
-- Incomplete Grade Report
-- Registration Planning Form
-- Registration Troubleshooting Form
-- Release of Information Form
-- Request for Adding a Program or Major
-- Request for Change of a Program or Major
-- Request for Data Confidentiality
-- Student Petition
-- Suspension Appeal Form
-- Testing Accommodations Procedure
-- Time Management Plan
-- Transcript Request Form (For more information about how to request your PTC transcript.)
-- Withdraw Form