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Class WaitLists

Class WaitLists

The WaitList is an electronic process for adding students to full classes as openings occur. First, students may check for open seats in classes using student registration. If a seat is open, students may register for that seat using their Tech IDs and PINs. If the class is closed, students are encouraged to use the WaitList.

Important Points about the WaitList

Being on the WaitList for a particular class does not guarantee registration in the class or that a new section will be made available for the same timeframe or with the same instructor.

The WaitList relies upon a valid e-mail address: Once a student "signs up" on a class waitlist, and the class opens, an e-mail will be generated to the student's e-mail address on file. It is the student’s responsibility to check his or her e-mail regularly as this is the only way openings are communicated. At this point, the student should log in to student registration and register him or herself for the class. This opening will only be available to the student for 24 hours.

Tuition and Fees will not include WaitListed classes until you are registered in the actual class.

You may be the only one on a WaitList for a particular class.

If you are receiving financial aid, this could affect your funding; keep in contact with the Financial Aid Office if you are less than full time without the class.

If the class has an established WaitList, but you see there is still one (1) seat open, keep in mind this seat has been advertised to a student already on the WaitList ahead of you; this student is in the midst of his or her 24-hour timeframe to gain the seat.

Get the WaitList Tutorial

Wondering how the WaitList works? Use the WaitList tutorial, and work through it, step-by-step.