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We're happy to announce that with the change to Pine Technical & Community College, our website has moved to www.pine.edu!

We recommend updating your bookmarks to the new domain. We'll be phasing out our pinetech.edu domain in the coming months and the information below may not be current.

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News and Announcements

Child Care Aware Calendar

The purpose of the CCA training program is to educate those who care for young children. Classes are open to everyone, whether you're a licensed child care provider, a family member caring for a relative, a friend or neighbor child care provider, a parent, a foster care parent, or a staff member of a child care center. Our classes are available to you!

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GPS LifePlan

The GPS LifePlan is a tool to help you with planning. You decide which areas would benefit you most. As you explore areas of the GPS LifePlan, it may be helpful to share the site with your family, instructors, and/or WorkForce staff. These people may be able to provide support and advice as your consider your goals and plans. It is likely that you will revisit certain areas as your situations, needs or wants change. The five main areas of the GPS LifePlan are Career, Education, Finance, Leadership, and Personal.