We've moved!

We're happy to announce that with the change to Pine Technical & Community College, our website has moved to www.pine.edu!

We recommend updating your bookmarks to the new domain. We'll be phasing out our pinetech.edu domain in the coming months and the information below may not be current.

Go to the new website now!

ETC Forms

Available Activity Logs

- Weekly Job Search Activity Sheet
- Work Activity Verification Sheet

Available County Forms

- Household Report Form (HRF)
- Change Report Form (CRF)
- Combined Application Form (CAF)
- Child Care Assistance Program Form (CCAP)
- Child Care Assistance Program Change Report Form

Activity Log Samples

Having trouble filling out your Weekly Job Search Activity Log and/or your Work Activity Verification Log for Employment and/or Education? Below are some tools to help you.

Weekly Job Search Activity Log

- PowerPoint - Activity Sheets
- Helpful words/phrases
- Activity Log Sample

Work Activity Verification Log

- PowerPoint - Work Activity Sheets
- Helpful words/phrases - Employment
- Helpful words/phrases - Education
- Employment Sample
- Education Sample