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Success Stories

February 6, 2012

Dearest Pam,

I believe it was in 2008 when we came to you for help. We had just sold EVERYTHING we owned and had started a towing company. The company had been up and running for not even 6 months. My husband, Steve, had been laid off from his summer work that he did during the day. We could only operate the towing company at night. I hadn’t worked outside the home in years. So with no experience for me and Steve driving truck in the summer; we had no where to go! We didn’t even have the money to pay the insurance on the tow truck and it needed some repair. You were fabulous about helping us out! 

You picked us up, dusted us off, and said “Make it happen or find a job!” We both REALLY dreaded the idea of working for someone else. But we were REALLY sick of having popcorn for supper every night. I only had that “working for someone else” job for 3 months, then I quit! I didn’t have to work anymore. 

You pushed and encouraged me when others said it would never work! For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In 4 short years, that seemed to have flown by, we have built this company into a life long career. We both LOVE what we are doing, even though we never get a day off.

We started out with an OLD wrecker and have upgraded several times since then. 

We now have 3 full time trucks! A service truck for tire changes and the simple stuff, a rollback, and a wrecker. I am including photos in the email to show what we have accomplished. 

We are no longer renting. It is fabulous to own my home again. Trucking about killed us all those years ago, but we do NOT look back on that. I was told by people when we started, “Nothing you try doing works!” It makes me feel great that those same people see our trucks out every day. We have built this to something we are PROUD of! And we could not have done it without your help and encouragement.

A1 Rescue Towing & Recovery Services has become something we will gladly pass on to our kids one day! Although, they seem to think they already own the business. Dallas, 9, can change a tire better than some of the men that work for us. Angel, 7, answers the phones all the time. And Matt, 12, wants to give his input on ALL the business decisions. He never misses a conversation!

We launched our website about 2 years ago and would not change it for the world. Everyone says it is fabulous.


We just started a new program the first of the year (2012) called Sober Tow. It is sponsored and paid for by local businesses so that anyone who is too intoxicated to drive can get a FREE ride and tow home. We are only 1 month into it and are seeing wonderful response and helping out the community at the same time.

So I just wanted to send you this letter and show you how much we appreciative all you have done for us!

Thanks is not enough!

Steve and Mary Enfield

A1 Rescue Towing & Recovery Services


A1 Rescue Towing & Recovery Services Fleet