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Skill Identification

What are you Good At?

Highlighting your skills in resumes, cover letters and interviews is part of the foundation of a successful job search. Employers want to know more than your past job titles. They want to know your talents and what you have done with them. 

Occupational Titles

Employment-Related Titles

General Traits

Job Skills List

Job Skills Identification Exercise

Transferable Skills

Self-Management Skills

Skills vs. Job Training

If being certified might help you find a job, take short-term classes and look for contract assignments or other hands-on experiences. Look for volunteer opportunities. Or take on a few do-it-yourself gigs to reveal your talents in a field.


Using the list of skills you have identified, you can put them to work by developing what is called a “self-brand.”  You are not just a job seeker or a face in the crowd.