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Professional Skills and Training

Professional Skills and Training

PTC's professional skills courses and programs are designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to secure a position in a variety of professional settings or advance in your current professional position.

ServeSafe Certified Food Manager Certification

Initial Course

This course provides the initial Food Manager Certification requirements of the State of Minnesota. Content includes the need for food safety, hazards that threaten food, the HACCP food safety system, and other basics of safe food handling. Course includes testing for the SERVSAFE Certificate. 

You will need to have your textbook prior to the class.  We will have them in our office for pick up or if you would like,  we can mail one out to you at an additional cost of $7.00,  just let us know your preference at the time of registration.  Do not send the $7.00 with your class payment, we will collect it the morning of class.

Monday, January 13, 2014                                                      8:00 am-4:30 pm    Cost: $165.00 (includes book & exam)

Monday, April 14, 2014 & Tuesday, April 15, 2014                     3:30 pm-7:30 pm    Cost: $165.00 (includes book & exam)

Monday, June 16, 2014**                                                        8:00 am-4:30 pm    Cost: $165.00 (includes book & exam)

**The June Course will be held at the Braham Area Community Center in Braham, MN**

Refresher Course

This course is for food managers who have been certified within the last three (3) years and need four (4) hours of continuing education to maintain their certification. This course does not provide initial food manager certification. Proof of a current certificate or an expired certificate (no longer than one (1) year from the date of expiration) is needed to enroll. If available, please bring your SERVSAFE book with you.

Monday, January 13, 2014                         8:00 am—12:00 pm      Cost: $75.00 (includes exam)

Monday, April 14, 2014                              3:30 pm-7:30 pm         Cost: $75.00 (includes exam)

Monday, June 16, 2014**                          8:00 am-12:00 pm       Cost: $75.00 (includes exam)

**The June Course will be held at the Braham Area Community Center in Braham, MN**

Contact Dawn Sandberg, 320-629-5176 or e-mail sandbergd@pinetech.edu

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Zoning Technician Certificate Program

Planning commissioners and board of adjustment members are among the most important local officials. They are the initial policy review points for new development and redevelopment in a community. How well planning commissions and boards of adjustment do – or not do – their job has a great impact on the future of their community.

Consider the following:

If a planning commission and/or board of adjustment make a mistake in evaluating a land use request, it can result in the community getting sued; it can result in a building being erected or a land use being established contrary to the zoning ordinance; and it can result in creating a bad impression of the community.

Millions of dollars are spent by communities and insurance companies defending communities from lawsuits or paying damages. Some of these costs were created by not following the proper review process.

Planning Commissioners and Board of Adjustment members come to the position without formal training. They learned on the job and may not have the knowledge to properly review land use requests. However, courts expect them to know the administrative and quasi-judicial process as it relates to planning and zoning.

Pine Technical College’s Certificate Program for Planning Commissioners consists of three 3-hour modules, as follows:

Theory of Planning and Zoning

Introduction; Principles and Practices of Planning & Zoning

The Planning Process

Legal Foundations of Planning

Planning Commission Duties and Responsibilities

The Role of the Individual Commissioner

Application of Theory at a Planning Commission Meeting

Administrative vs. Quasi-judicial Process

State-Specific Planning Laws

Principles of Meeting Management

Conflict Management

Decision-Making Skills

The Role of Attorneys and Subject Matter Experts

Theory Meets Application: Mock Public Hearing

Mock Public Hearing

Final Examination

If you have any questions please contract:

Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu 


Small Business SUCCESS Series

The Small Business Smart Series is a series of seminars designed for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to make more money, avoid mistakes, and create a sustainable business strategy. (Delivery for personal or business training is available. Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu 

Small Business Success Series

By Michael Monroe Kiefer Ph.D.

                This is a newly developed series of classes geared toward those seeking to start and succeed with a small business in tough economic times.  If you ever thought about a business of your own, are struggling with your business, seeking to earn extra income, or start an entrepreneurial career, this series is for you! Master the basics of success while avoiding the common pitfalls!

These four classes in our core curriculum are designed to lay the foundation for small business start-up and success.

Assessing Your Strengths and Natural Talents.  This class allows you by taking a personal assessment to gain insights into your natural aptitudes and see if you have what it takes to be in a small business environment.  All successful small businesses are based on natural abilities of the founder, discover yours in this first class! 

How to Generate Income with Your Hobbies, Talents, and Skills.  This class builds on the foundation set in the first class.  It takes you to the next step.  In this class you will learn how to make money with you talents and abilities.  Numerous ideas and examples are provided as illustrations and role models. Extensive research on local successful entrepreneurs from MN and WI will be used as examples. 

Low Cost Advertising and Target Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business.  Concepts presented in this class help you create market awareness for your product or service locally or regionally.  Many small businesses fail because of huge investments in incorrect marketing strategies.  Avoid theses costly errors  and use target marketing to maximize your advertising efforts. Both low tech and internet strategies will be discussed including: LinkedIn, Twitter, Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook. 

Small Business Planning.  With the first three classes as a solid base you are now ready to formulate a practical business plan from start to finish.  This class provides you with time to develop a blueprint for a successful business model. Participants will learn how to build a milestone chart along with a detailed work breakdown structure enabling them to accurately estimate cost, quality and timing. Ideas for expansion possibilities will also be presented…spin-off products and services!  OFFERED TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 2013 9:00 AM—NOON



 Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu

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The Fundamentals of Management Series 

In today’s economy, a successful management system can mean the difference between staying in business and closing your doors. Through this Management Performance Series, you will learn the tools needed for successful management of your business, your employees, and your own skills in problem solving and decision making to improve productivity for you company. (Delivery for personal or business training is available. Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu.) 

DISC: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness & Conscientiousness
DISC is a self-assessment that enables individuals to understand themselves and others. From the self-assessment, individuals learn how they behave during various situations from normal to stressful. In addition, individuals learn the traits, needs, preferences, and fears associated with each behavior profile. Finally, the profile allows the individuals to gain insight in how their behavior affects other individuals and how to segregate others’ behaviors into the profile system.  Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu.) 

Relationship Management
The ability to manage relationships with peers, managers, and subordinates is a key success factor for organizational success. Participants exposure to the attributes of a respectful workplace allows for the application of specific tools for effective communication.  Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu.) 

Performance Management
Management of employee performance is a key to achieving business objectives. Through an exploration of setting expectations, providing feedback, evaluating performance, and performance improvement action provides the impetus for leading high-performing, engaged employees.  Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu.) 

Group or Team Management
Whether managing a small group of employees or a large team for a special project, there are challenges as well as opportunities when creating a high-performance team. From the understanding of the stages of team formation, a diagnostic tool is learned that will aid the group or team leader in moving toward a high-performing team.  Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu.) 

Strengths Strategy -- Introduction to Strengths Discovery
Creating Results through Strengths... The introductory discovery experience has an approximate time commitment of 1-2 hours, depending on the needs of the group. It is a powerful overview, designed to prepare participants for the full 8-hour discovery program. Participants will understand how remarkable results can be produced through strengths; recognize the process of strengths discovery, development, and actualization; complete an assessment which reveals which activities play to Strength, Competence, Weakness, or Affinity; design strategies to increase the time spent in their A+ Strengths Zone, and develop their strengths and minimize their Suck Zone activities (opposite of activities within your job that energize you).  Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu.) 

About the Instructor
The Fundamentals of Management Series is presented by Anne Klein. Klein has over twenty years of experience with Fortune 500 and large organizations in the manufacturing, financial services, energy, and healthcare industries. During her tenure, she has held progressive management positions in accounting/finance and human resources. Anne is a graduate of Augsburg College where she earned a BA in Economics and Business Administration.

All about Training via Corporate Interactive Television (ITV)...

Giving businesses greater opportunity

for employee training in an extremely cost-effective way!

Interactive Digital Television provides a range of new services that combine video and data and give viewers greater control over what they see, in comparison with other traditional services. Moreover, ITV permits businesses to combine the full motion TV with the interactivity and personalization offered by the Internet.

Benefits for Training Purposes

  • Travel time can be minimized.
  • Participants are given the “experience of collaborative learning”, of becoming part of a larger community of learners.
  • Extremely cost-effective.
  • Videoconferencing can be used to cater for a range of intelligences and learning styles.
  • During live training courses via ITV, trainees in remote offices can ask questions to the instructor for immediate feedback.
  • Broadcasts are also locally recorded so employees can replay and review lessons after the class.


*New Employee Introduction and Orientation Class

Supervisors Training Mini Series (Offer Any One Session Or All Three)

*Supervision One: Situational Leadership Styles and Their Profiles

*Supervision Two: Understanding Personality Types for High Performance Team Building

*Supervision Three: Supervision in the New Economy

*Basic Blue Print Understanding  I & II

 *Introduction to Manufacturing

*Overview of the Lean Concept

*Workflow Improvement

*Basic Math & Inspection for Manufacturing I & II

*Basic Equipment for Manufacturing

*Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing I & II

*Setup Reduction

*Statistical Process Control I, II & III

*Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility I & II

 Contact Heidi Braun, 320-629-5178 or e-mail braunh@pinetech.edu.)

Customer Service Academy

Give your employees the tools to deal with challenging situations:

*Help employees understand how their behavior impacts the customer.

* Employees will learn seven behaviors that will enhance their customer service skills

*Learn to identify barriers by being a good listener, asking questions, responding, and accepting feedback.

*Learn how to prevent customer dissatisfaction in person or on the phone.

*Modules are customized to your “Customer Service Needs”


Jane Robbins, Continuing Education/Customized Training Coordinator (320) 629-5185

Building Contractors Continuing Education 2014!!


Jane Robbins, Continuing Education/Customized Training Coordinator (320) 629-5185