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Fire Fighting Training

Fire Fighting Training

The goal of the Pine Technical College Fire Fighter program is to provide area fire departments with the training they need to protect our communities and stay up-to-date with state- and federally-mandated training. PTC's fire-training programs are comprehensive, current, and convenient.

Incident Safety Officer

Students will gain the knowledge to perform the duties of the Incident Safety Officer. They will be able to identify key safety concerns related to the Safety Officer’s duties and responsibilities at an incident or event and recommend solutions to the command authority.

This 3-hour course examines not only the Safety Officer's duties, but every responder’s safety role in emergency situations.  The main focus is on the functions of a Safety Officer within the operations of an Incident Command System (ICS).

This course is provided through a grant from the MN Board of Fire Training and Education and awarded to the Fire Training Program of the Northeast Higher Education District on behalf of the MnSCU Fire Training Consortium.

Fire Fighting I & II and Hazmat NFPA 1001

This is a 140 hour class that will cover all FFI, HazMat and FFII that meets the NFPA 1001 level.  The class includes all books and testing including MN State Certification up to the FFII level. 

Call for more information or to register.  Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383  

First Arriving Officer NFPA 1021

This 8 hour class is designed to be an intro to incident command for those with little or no experience in command and for those officers who have not been in command on a regular basis who may need a refresher as to what to look for.  This class will discuss incident command, risk/reward, strategy and tactics, size-up, basic building construction and resource management.

Call for more information or to register.  Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383  

Pump Operations NFPA 1002

This class is for any fire personnel who need direction beyond “getting water” from a pumper. The class covers intro to apparatus pumps, reading gauges, working parts and trouble shooting, friction loss, water sources (hydrant and static) and how to get water, drivers responsibilities and safety, and includes hands-on operation. This is a 12 hour course. Please call for information and to schedule this at your department. 

--Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383 

First Aid For The Fire Fighter

This is a 3 hour class covering basic first aid on topics including dehydration, exhaustion, heat and cold, burns and rehab among other topics. 

--Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383  

NFA Decision Making For Initial Company Operations

This 12 hour course is designed to develop the decision making skills needed by Company Officers to accomplish assigned tactics at structure fires. All activities and scenarios used in this course are based on structure fires. This course is a newly appointed officer or firefighter who may have acting CO responsibilities or want to become a CO. 

--Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383

Fire Fighting Skills NFPA 1001

This class can also be customized to be a refresher within your department and scheduled around your regular training dates.  Please contact us for more information on this.

--Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383

Mobile Simulation Trailers

We have access to many simulation trailers that can come to your department. These are the same trailers that are frequently at State Fire Schools. Some of these trailers include but not limited to: 1) Live Burn Trailer 2) Confined Space Trailer 3) RIT trailer 4) LP emergencies trailer 5) SCBA confidence trailer 6) EVO simulator trailer 7) Ventilation trailer. 

--Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383

Will It Stay Standing?

Buildings on fire fail much faster than they used to.  This 3 hour class will identify some of the reasons that this is happening and will provide students with the knowledge required to accurately determine the stability of these buildings and to identify the warning signs that may be present before they fail.  It is important to make the call to evacuate early enough to allow your crew to escape.  This will cover scene assessment, basic building construction, fire behavior and basic smoke reading.  This is a good class for experienced firefighters who are or who will be in a leadership role on a fire department.   This class can be customized to your department.

 --Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383

Fire Extinguisher Training

This 2 hour class is designed for the average citizen who would like to know how to use extinguishers and where it is practical to do so.  This is designed for employees of businesses, day care providers, police officers and the general public.

 --Contact Mike Anderson, (320) 629-5184 or (320) 250-8383