Child Care Aware Grants

Child Care Aware Grants

Child Care Aware annually receives a limited amount of funding to provide grants to child care providers. We offer one round of grants per year, with specific deadlines for application submittal.

For more information about the next granting cycle, call the Grants Administrator at 1-800-890-5399 or 320-629-5142. For information on grant writing classes, call the Child Care Aware Grants Administrator. Workshops are typically held in July/August prior to the annual grant round. Applications will be available Sept. 1 and due back in our office no later than Sept. 25. The Applications and Grant Guides will be available for download Sept. 1; please check back at that time. (Start-up grants and emergency grants are ongoing or until our annual funding has been depleted.)

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Types of Grants

Learning Environment Grant

The learning environment is the arrangement of the classroom or home setting that sets the stage for teaching and learning. It includes the physical environment, including interest areas and establishing daily routines and schedules.

- Purchase of curricula
- Child-focused items, consumable materials, tools
- Purchase of materials, toys, equipment activity centers, assessment tools
- Purchase of multicultural and/or multilingual resources such as books, videos, posters, games, etc.
- Accessing onsite consultation services to implement culturally responsive care giving practices, setting up culturally inclusive environments, etc. 

Health and Safety

Funds to promote health and wellness, also household safety, child safety and outdoor safety.

Professional Development

Professional development consists of training and education combined with quality professional experience that leads to increased knowledge and high quality practice.

Start-Up Grants

These funds are available to assist with the costs associated with start-up for newly licensed or soon to be licensed child care providers/programs. Grants are limited to items and services required in writing by licensing or the Fire Marshal.

Emergency Grants

These grants are to assist child care providers who are experiencing an emergency that jeopardizes their immediate ability to provide services, or is experiencing a situation that affects the health and safety of children in care.

TEACH Grants

TEACH (Teacher Education and Compensation Helps) is a scholarship program that helps child care providers earn a college degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development. The scholarship pays for a large portion of college tuition and books and also provides assistance with transportation and substitution costs. Successful scholarship recipients also qualify for a pay raise or bonus upon completion of their scholarship contract. More information about the TEACH Grant.


R.E.E.T.A.I.N (Retaining Early Educators Through Attaining Incentives Now) is a workforce retention program that strives to reduce the turnover rates among child care providers who work with young children. Grant recipients are free to use grant dollars as they choose. Grant dollars are considered additional salary and may be used to pay bills, reinvest in your in your child care setting, or cover personal expenses. More Information about the RETAIN Grant.

Grant Applications and Guides - Currently Not Available

Check Back September 1st. 

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