Research Databases & Journal Access

EBSCO Host Periodical Databases and E-Book Collection

EBSCOHost provides research access to thousands of journals, magazines and other reference resources. 
-- EBSCOHost    Including new Cinahl Plus with Full Text database for Nursing programs.

Cinahl Plus

PALSconnect Linker

An open URL link resolver that connects users to full-text journal articles, regardless of the database chosen. Click on the first link for all journals, electronic and print, and the second link for a list of print holdings of journals at Pine Technical College.  See the service desk attendant for access to these holdings.

-- PALSconnect Linker A-Z List Page
-- PALSconnect Linker A-Z Print Holdings for PTC

Gale Databases

Gale Databases allows the user to search online scholarly and popular periodicals, professional development journals and several K-12 resource databases. 
-- Gale Databases

ProQuest Newsstand (Newspapers)

ProQuest is a database that searches several hundred newspapers, many providing full text articles.
-- ProQuest

Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica Online Academic Edition brings together the respected content of the encyclopedia, with links to journal articles and recommended websites for the topic under study. 
-- Encyclopedia Britannica

Directory of Open Access Journals

The DOAJ provides searchable access to scientific and scholarly journals from around the world.
-- Directory of Open Access Journals