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Trained Medication Aide

Working as a Trained Medication Aide (TMA)

A Trained Medication Aide (TMA) distributes patient medications in nursing homes, schools, correctional facilities, or other non-hospital, assisted living facilities for the physically or mentally disabled. Medication aides are directly supervised by doctors or other licensed caretakers. They typically assist patients in properly taking oral, topical, or intravenous prescriptions in correct dosages, as well as adhering to strict medical regimens. TMAs may also supervise patients to ensure they do not have any adverse reactions after taking their medications.

TMA Course

This course introduces students to drug therapy, safe administration of prescribed medications, knowledge of drug action related to body systems, side effects of medications. Included in the course is an overview of metric, apothecary, and household measurement abbreviations, with implications for use with medication administration.

Course Outline

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Cost of Program

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