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Phlebotomy Credential FAQ


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Q: What is a credential?

A: A credential gives students a skill set without the completion of a certificate or a degree. The skill set may or may not be recognized by industry.

Q:  Can I work as a phlebotomist with this credential?

A: Upon successful completion of the course you will have all the skills necessary to work as a phlebotomist. You will not be certified, however, as you have not completed the necessary clinical which is required. PTC currently does not offer this option. However, many of our employers in this region will still hire students who have completed the skills without the certification. Please check the job posting or check with HR at the facility you are applying.

Q. Is this included in any program?

A. Yes – the phlebotomy course (titled Laboratory Procedures II MEDA 2301) is included in the Medical Assistant program

Q: Do I have to be in the Nursing or Medical Assistant program to take this course?

A: No – As long as you have met the pre-requisite courses you may take the course. Please meet with an academic advisor to ensure you are prepared to take this course.