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Limited Scope X-Ray Machine Operator (LXMO) Certificate FAQs

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Q: What is a Limited Scope X-Ray Machine Operator?

A: Limited Scope X-Ray Machine Operators (LXMO) may perform radiographic exams at physicians’ offices, chiropractic offices, urgent care facilities, clinics, and in hospitals. Limited Scope X-Ray Machine Operators prepare patients for exams, explain procedures, give clear instructions during the exam, and practice standards that ensure the highest level of radiation protection and safe operation of the x-ray machine.

Q:  Can I get employment with just this certificate?

A: Most employers look for this certification in addition to being a Medical Assistant or LPN or RN. Occasionally an employer will hire a stand along LXMO employee, but it is rare. This program was designed to add to an existing health program to make on more marketable for the rural area.  

Q. Do I have to take a test to become certified or can I just graduate?

A. You must first graduate and then sit for the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) to earn their LXMO certification. LXMO certification means an individual has acquired the necessary training, has taken and passed the Limited Scope ARRT test, and received approval from the state. They are limited by the type of x-rays they are permitted to take; for example, Limited Scope X-Ray Machine Operators who have taken and passed the Limited Scope ARRT extremity module may perform x-rays only on extremities. Radiologic technologists are not limited and can perform a larger array of imaging, which includes modalities like computed tomography (CT).

Q: Is this program all online or do I have to come to campus?

A: The pre-requisite courses are held on campus, however if you are transferring in those courses it is possible for you to live a good distance away and complete the entire program remotely online. The core courses (LXMO courses) are offered online through Desire2Learn e-learning platform. Students must have reliable high-speed internet access in order to take the online courses.

Q: Do I have to be in the Nursing or Medical Assistant to take this course?

A: No – As long as you have met the pre-requisite courses you may take the course in the program. Please meet with an academic advisor to ensure you are prepared to take this course.  It is encouraged that students be enrolled in a healthcare program or taking pre-requisites into a healthcare program while completion the LXMO certificate.