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Program Overview

The Robotics/Automation program is designed to prepare students for working with today’s advanced industrial, medical, and mobile robotics systems; students will be engaged in exciting, hands-on projects and will learn how robots operate and interact with their environment and other support-technologies.

Program Plan

A.A.S. Degree - 68 credits
General Education Courses
ENGL 1276 College Composition (4) or ENGL 1277 Technical Communications (4)
MATH 1260 College Algebra (3)
PHYS 1250 College Physics I (4)
General Education Electives (MnTC Goal Areas 5-10) (3)

Technical Courses
CMAE 1514 Safety Awareness (2)
CMAE 1550 DC Power (3)*
CMAE 1552 AC Power (3)*
ETEC 1520 Intro to Robotics (2)
MTTP 1241 Intro to CAD (3)
CMAE 1554 Digital Electronics (3)*
CMAE 1556 Analog Circuits (3)*
ETEC 1541 Mechanical Systems (3)
ETEC 2520 Robotic Controllers (3)
ETEC 2522 Fluid Power (3)
CMAE 1558 Motor Controls (3)*
ETEC 2524 Robotic Operations (3)
MTTP 1261 Intro to CAM (2)
ETEC 2542 Electric Motor Control II (3)
ETEC 2543 Programmable Logic Controllers (3)
ETEC 2545 Networking Systems (2)
ETEC 2550 Advanced Robotics (4)
ETEC 2552 Robotics Capstone Project (3)
Technical Electives (3)

* Lab Component: For registering and information please see advisor.

Course Outlines

For more specific information about this program's required courses, visit the Course Outlines page.

Cost of Program

To determine the cost of this program, visit the Tuition and Fees page.