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More about the HSEW program  (formerly known as the PWFW program)

Pine Technical College offers two program levels to prepare students for a career as a financial worker in a county human services agency. These programs have been developed in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The A.A.S. and Diploma levels provide the needed competencies to meet the requirements of the Minnesota Merit System.

This educational program is for someone who enjoys working with people and computers, plus has an interest in helping families in times of financial crisis. Services provided by Public Welfare Financial Workers are often the first in the line of defense against poverty. This career involves extensive client contact and calls on strong interpersonal skills. The PWFW program prepares students through coursework on public assistance policy, the Maxis computer system, and communication skills. Public Welfare Financial Workers determine eligibility for many federal and state services. This program has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and by the National Eligibility Workers Association. This program requires that students have a notebook computer to use during class time.

The courses can be attended 'live' from any computer with high speed internet connection or viewed as a video to learn the material as your daily schedule permits.

Internet connection schedule with online learning is available. Send email for more information.

Based on educational background, work experience and/or career goals, students can choose the program at either the diploma or A.A.S. degree level.

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Instructors' Email Address: Malinda Gahm   &  Rita Watson:  Human Services Eligibility Worker Program.