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Public Information

Enrollment (based on 2011-2012 facts)

Total number students served: 1,415
Full-time students: 33.9%
Part-time students: 66.1%
Percent female: 67.4%
Percent male: 32.6%
Percent students of color: 10%

Student Right-to-Know Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

What is Student Right-To-Know?

Student Right-To-Know is a federal law that requires all colleges and universities to disclose certain information to students. This handout provides the information that a college must provide to students on graduation rates and transfer-out rates for full-time students seeking degrees at Pine Technical College (PTC).

What is a graduation rate and what is a transfer-out rate?

Federal regulations specify how to calculate the graduation and transfer rates. The rates come from a study of Pine Technical College students who started at the college in the fall of 2007. The study includes all first-time students who enrolled full-time that fall and were seeking to earn a degree, diploma or certificate at the college. The graduation rate is the percentage of these students who graduated from PTC within three years. The transfer-out rate is the percentage of these students who did not graduate from PTC, but instead transferred to another college or university within three years.

What do I need to know about these rates?

These rates do not report on all students at Pine Technical College. The 82 first-time, full-time students in the study were 10 percent of all students enrolled at PTC in fall of 2007.

What are the graduation and transfer-out rates for Pine Technical College students and how do they compare to rates for other colleges?

- The graduation rate for PTC was 34 percent.
- The transfer-out rate for PTC was 22 percent.
- The combination of the graduation rate and the transfer-out rate for PTC was 56 percent. (The national average combined rate for similar colleges was 40 percent.)

Why don’t more Pine Technical College students graduate or transfer in three years?

- Some students take jobs before they graduate;
- Students who switch from full-time to part-time enrollment or “stop out” for one or more semesters are more likely to take more than three years to graduate;
- Other students delay their education for personal, family or financial reasons.

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Job Placement Rate

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Clery Act and Campus Security

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