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We're happy to announce that with the change to Pine Technical & Community College, our website has moved to www.pine.edu!

We recommend updating your bookmarks to the new domain. We'll be phasing out our pinetech.edu domain in the coming months and the information below may not be current.

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President's Welcome

Dr. Robert Musgrove, President

Pine Technical College welcomed Dr. Robert Musgrove in 1998. Since coming to Pine Technical College, President Musgrove has led the college through a period of growth and increasing prestige. Today, with more than 1,200 students, the college’s guiding principle continues to be its focus on students and mission of serving the region with excellent educational programs and services.

Message from the President

Forget everything you've ever heard about technical education. Forget particularly what your mom and dad said it was like in years past - we are not your parents ‘vo-tech.' Immerse yourself in this website, and come to the campus if you haven't already visited.

What you will find is a dynamic, relevant, and advanced technology college equipped for the 21st Century. What you will see is a creative balance of the best of the old with the best of the new. What you will experience is, in some ways, the same as students of previous generations, and in other ways, far different from anything they ever experienced.

Pine Technical College is smaller and friendlier, but we offer technology programs unique to Minnesota and the nation. We are true to our promise of personal service to our students, but our campus is more ‘wired' and electronic than most universities. We feature high technology alongside traditional trades. You can program computer code or you can build a custom rifle. You can connect a network to fiber optics or you can repair a vehicle's transmission. You can learn from home online or experience our more intimate, smaller classes. We are located in a smaller, warm and welcoming community, but we are a partner in the Internet 2, and we are equipped with better telecommunications than the local telephone company.

Look us over with clear and open eyes, and visit our campus. We'll welcome you in that old-fashioned, rural Minnesota way. And then, we'll knock your socks off.

Robert L. Musgrove, Ph.D.
President, Pine Technical College