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Diversity at PTC

Diversity at Pine Technical College

With each semester, the Pine Technical College student body becomes increasingly diverse, and the College remains committed to capitalizing on the multiple strengths its students bring to campus. Diversity and inclusion are essential to educational excellence, and the administration and faculty are committed to ensuring the needs of a diverse student body and growing, diverse community are supported at Pine Technical College.

Differences such as gender, racial and ethnic background, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and physical ability are assets that contribute to learning. Students learn and benefit from exposure to classmates from different countries, of different cultures and with different perspectives. Much like the workplace of today benefits from maintaining a diverse workforce, the classroom benefits from a more diverse student population.

Pine Technical College’s continued success illustrates the power of individuality and the combined strength generated from all unique capabilities, experiences and points of view. The Diversity Committee and the College will continue to build an inclusive environment where all contributors are valued and all differences are utilized to the advantage of the whole to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, student development and local and global community engagement.

Pine Technical College is an equal opportunity employer and employs individuals based on job-related qualifications regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age or other protected characteristics.

Diversity Committee

Pine Technical College has initiated a Diversity Committee that meets regularly throughout the year. The committee is comprised of the following PTC staff and faculty members (in alphabetical order by last name):

-- Kathy Arola, Counselor
-- Jessica Ayub, Education and Employment Advisor
-- Joan Bloemendaal-Gruett, Dean of Academic Affairs
-- Heather Hansen Mead, Information Technologies
-- Erin White, Academic Skills Center Director

Diversity Committee Mission Statement

Pine Technical College values the benefit of diversity and is committed to supporting an inclusive environment that recognizes the value and dignity of each person. Our role is to create a climate where each individual feels welcomed, supported and respected.

Diversity Exhibits

The exhibit area in the main hall changes seasonally as the Diversity Committee highlights different themes in diversity. Past themes highlighted in the display include American Black History Month, Native American History Month, Women's History Month, World Aids Day, and more. Faculty and students are encouraged to contact the Diversity Committee to work together to display exhibits with diverse themes discussed within their classroom/curriculum. 

Safe Zone

The Pine Technical College community is proud of its culturally diverse population and supports diversity in every way; Safe Zone is a subtle way to communicate all sexual orientations and gender presentations are part of our culture and are acknowledged and supported.

What does it mean if I see a Safe Zone symbol?

A Safe Zone symbol, a rainbow triangle, identifies the person as someone who has chosen to educate him/herself about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) issues. The person is a "safe place" to turn, has had formal training in GLBT issues, and is able to offer support.

Who can be a member of Safe Zone?

Any PTC staff or faculty member interested and willing to be an Ally can join PTC's Safe Zone. Members of Safe Zone need only to be open and supportive to the needs of GLBT individuals and willing to learn about issues related to sexual orientation and gender presentation.

Are Safe Zone members gay?

Displaying the Safe Zone symbol does not mean you are GLBT or that you participate in any GLBT activities. It means only that the individual displaying the symbol has had training in GLBT issues and is comfortable offering support and being a "safe place."

What do Safe Zone members do?

Safe Zone members agree to be aware of the presence of GLBT individuals. Members also believe campuses and communities are enriched by the diversity of GLBT individuals and are willing to assist individuals in accessing helpful support and information. Safe Zone members also agree to maintain confidentiality at work and comfortably use inclusive language, avoid stereotyping and do not assume heterosexuality. Lastly and most importantly, Safe Zone members may make a difference in someone's life and possibly never know about it. Learn more about PTC's Safe Zone program and its initial launch at PTC in Oct. 2010.